Additional extras / Special requests


Wedding cake (personalised & made to order)        From £25 (depending on size & filling)

Flowers (Eg. Carnations, roses, gerbera)                                From £5 - £65

  • Bride’s & Bridesmaid’s bouquets, buttonholes, table displays & decorations.


Terrace restaurant Fairy lights decoration                                £50

Extra champagne                                                                     From £35 per bottle

Fish bowl table decorations with shells or floating flowers From £5 each

Belly dancer                                                                               Price dependent on availability

Fire dancer                                                                                 Price dependent on availability

Live Turkish folk music group (various types)       Price dependent on availability

Fireworks (Roman Candles)                                      From £85                               

Transfers of wedding guests to & from beach        From £25         (depending on numbers & location)

Private DJ for reception party                                 Price dependent on availability


Extra Photographer Options (for Ceremony & Reception Party)


Video / DVD                                                                                 £155

Panaromic Style Photo Album (35 x 65)                                £375



Please refer to our Hair, Nails & Beauty page for all your Bridal Party needs

Engagement / Wedding / Eternity Rings

Gold & precious stones, especially diamonds, are much cheaper here than in the UK so if you haven’t already bought your rings then ask for our help. We can recommend trustable jewelers so you can guarantee that what you buy is exactly what it says on the certificate !!!!
Also if you have any special designs in mind its no problem as the goldsmiths here can make to order.