Requirements for British Nationals marrying in Turkey

Legal Requirements for British Nationals marrying in Turkey


In order to marry in Turkey, all British Nationals have to complete the bilingual Affidavit/Affirmation of Marital Status form. These completed forms need to be witnessed by a UK Public Notary before being sent to the Foreign Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes for legalisation. These legalised forms need to be brought to Turkey by the Bride and Groom for submittion to the local Marriage (Registry) Office.
The forms and instructions on how to complete them will be emailed to each couple several months before the wedding date. The forms, once legalised, are valid for 180 days.

Upon arrival in Turkey each couple is escorted to two local offices –

  • Marriage (Registry) Office to submit the Legalised Affidavit/Affirmation forms.
  • Clinic / hospital to obtain an authorised medical certificate.  


Items to bring from the UK for both Bride & Groom -

  • Legalised Affidavit/Affirmation form
  • UK Passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity)
  • 4 passport size photos


These requirements are subject to change at any time by the Governments concerned, and therefore extra costs may be incurred.